Bikaner Period Room


Bikaner Period Room

Glimpse of A period Room of the Royal Family of Bikaner

This Period Room is and idealized reconstruction of the life style in the palace of Bikaner at the turn of the 19th Century.

The renowned Usta Work comprising decorative floral painting in their typical style is seen on the walls. European landscape painting and different themes of pictorial depiction had become exceedingly popular in the palaces of Rajasthan by this time, of which three samples can be seen here. To-scale models, of public buildings, placed inside glass display cases; animal trophies; imported flower vases, candle stand, chandeliers, and heavily upholstered sofas, chairs and carved tables all made under European influence – were typical of the royal paraphernalia of Rajasthan and Bikaner was no exception to this.

The Bikaner Jail was famous for its unique carpets and durries. Here one can see an example of Bikaner Jail carpet woven in the first quarter of the 20th century.