Silver ware Bikaner


Silver Ware Bikaner

1 Trays and Plates, Silver, early twentieth century.

The plates have engraved insignia of the State of Bikaner with the inscription : jai jungaldhar badshah (Emperor of Jangal Pradesh) given to Maharaja Karan Singh (1616 - 1631) after he eleminated the Mughal army at Attok. The tray and plates are a part of the Bikaner State’s family kitchen and dining paraphernalia

A variety of household objects of silver from the house of Bikaner early to mid 20th century.


Groups of objects from left to right or as follows:-

Extreme left : Temple lamp, group of bowls, betel box.

Next : Ink-well container, menu-card holders, insignia of Bikaner and pill-box.

Centre : Water-pitcher with drinking bowl.

Next : Bone/ivory-handled silver paper knives, pin-holder, pencil holder, silver photo-frame (above).

Extreme right : Cutlery, saucer, toast-holder, tiffin-box, and tumblers